5 Reasons You May Need A Tooth Extraction

27 July 2017
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Getting a tooth pulled can be an emotional time because it impacts your smile and your self-esteem. If you take great care of your teeth, you may assume you'll never need a tooth pulled. However, there are many reasons you may need a tooth extracted besides major decay. Ineffective Root Canal therapy One common reason people have a tooth pulled is because they have an abscess. The only other treatment for an abscess is root canal therapy, which saves the tooth but is more expensive and often not fully covered by dental insurance. Read More 

3 Things That A Professional Teeth Cleaning Can Do For Your Teeth

12 July 2017
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Going in for a dental cleaning is a routine procedure that all dentists recommend. However, it is important to realize that although this procedure is simple and routine, there are a lot of wonderful benefits that come along with getting your teeth cleaned regularly. This article will discuss 3 things that a professional teeth cleaning can do for your teeth. Remove Surface Stains If you drink coffee, dark soda, tea, wine, or pretty much any colored drink, then you run the risk of getting stains on your teeth. Read More 

Time For Your Child To Begin Orthodontic Treatment? Tips To Help Them Through The First Few Days

14 June 2017
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If your child is about to get braces, it's time to start preparing for those first couple of days. Those are going to be the most trying for your child – and for you. Your child is going to experience some pain and discomfort, which might make them more than just a little irritable. Don't worry. In a few days, the pain will subside, and your child will be back to normal. Read More 

Understanding A Few Root Canal Complications

17 May 2017
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If you have recently heard from your dentist that one of your teeth needs a root canal, then you may shudder at the thought of receiving the treatment. However, root canals are routine and over in about an hour. While this is true, there are some complications that can occur. This can be said of almost any sort of medical or dental treatment, but you should be well aware of the complications before your dentist starts drilling into your tooth. Read More 

Effects Of Thumb Sucking And How To Avoid Them

27 February 2017
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A child may begin thumb sucking before birth. The natural practice offers a ready way for the little one to soothe him or herself. If your child sucks his or her thumb, you may give little thought to the long-term effects associated with the practice. Here are a few effects of thumb-sucking and how they can be avoided: Narrow Upper Jaw As your child's upper jaw develops, the force of the sucking can cause the upper palate to narrow. Read More